“Freedom”. Segundo larga duración en formato CD de Taiacore


TAIACORE – “Freedom” – Compact Disc (CD) –

“Freedom” Segundo larga duración en formato CD del Taiacore.

Recorded & Mixed by Sergio Molina, Moba Studios Recording assistant Victor Aldo Gómez
Mastered by Nick Litwin, Mastering Mansion
Vocals Marta Tai and Vincenzo Tancorre
Guitars and Banjo Vincenzo Tancorre
Keyboards Marta Tai and Sergio Molina
Drums, percussions and programming Sergio Molina Bass Luis Daniel Castellanos Ferrero
Trumpet Pastor aka Mr. Rude Boy
Strings arrangements and Cello by Marco Pannaría Merchante Viola and violin Antonio Martín Saldaña
Artwork by Massimo D’Alessandro
Handwritten Taiacore’s logo by Pablo Buenasletters Photography by Oscar Rivilla
Photo assistants Rebekah Jane Rhodes and Leo Volpe
Fashion assistant Carolina Verd
Clothes courtesy of Finally Press
Shoulder bag by Alfredo Velasco
Hair stylist Sara Calvo Vidal
Storyteller “Alone” Ruben Adery, Linguistix
Aerodrome Esther Sancho and Jose Juguete
Campo de Vuelo, Aeródromo Camarenilla
We would like to dedicate this album to our producer’s father,Victoriano Molina. Your soul will always be with us, your Stratocaster guitar gave us such a great sound.
All songs written by Taiacore
All songs ©2018 Paul Back Music